POTENTIALS is a sixteen part video series, consisting of four volumes, each with four episodes. Each volume is approximately two hours in length.

Volume 1

Host Barbara Marx Hubbard describes the evolutionary thrust of the main ideas in the series, and how each of the show's guests and themes blends to create a futuristic vision of human potential at its finest.

Gene Roddenberry
The brilliant visionary and legendary creator of “Star Trek” explores technology's future and possible scenarios awaiting humans in space. He explains why there may never be a real Captain Kirk and envisions the potential of media on the planet.

Brugh Joy, M.D.
The physician, author and teacher explores consciousness and the connections and dimensions flowing among body, mind and spirit. Deeper meanings of illness and wellness are examined.

Sen. John Vasconcellos
For thirty years a leader in California politics, he envisions a society which encourages the development of healthy, self-realizing, responsible human beings. The politics of self-esteem is explored.

Volume 2

Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
The legendary Harvard psychologist, court jester, cultural icon, prolific writer and cybernaut explores S.M.I.I.L.E. -- Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension -- as the next stage of human evolution.

Toni and John Lilly, M.D.
The early leaders in human-dolphin communication research explore isolation tanks, dolphins, God, outer/inner realms of human consciousness and the dyadic couple.

Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D.
The world famous science fiction author promotes space exploration and colonization. The future of humans in space: working, traveling, living and adventuring is envisioned.

Alexandra and Robin Morton
Leading researchers into communication between humans and killer whales explore the nature of these huge-brained mammals of the sea. They envision environmental consciousness and inter-species cooperation.

Volume 3

Ray Bradbury
The legendary writer explores the personal and cultural importance of the arts, individual creativity, generating ideas and curiosity. Doomsters beware . . . Enthusiasm reigns !

Marilyn Ferguson
The editor of “Brain/Mind Bulletin” and author of “The Aquarian Conspiracy” tracks the burgeoning human potential movement and explores human and social forces creating change.

Rev. James Lawson
The respected minister and community leader explores his friend Martin Luther King's concept of "the beloved community", the human spirit and the interconnectedness of all people.

Lt. Col. Jim Channon

The Army's Delta Force incorporates high performance techniques from the human potential movement. Channon envisions a “First Earth Battalion” to protect the planet and its people.

Volume 4

Norman Cousins
The renowned editor and author's seminal “Anatomy of an Illness” helped usher in the holistic health revolution. Connections between mind and body as well as amongst people and nations are explored.

Buckminster Fuller Part I
The legendary architect, inventor and designer envisions designing a world which works for all the Earth's people. He discusses Spaceship Earth's need to move from weaponry to livingry, and explores the idea that each of us makes a difference.

Buckminster Fuller Part II
Continuing, Bucky goes deeply into the nature of human evolution, celestial mechanics, God and the invisible design of the eternally regenerative universe. He sees a world in which 100% of humanity can succeed, using technology and universal principles.

Willis Harman, Ph.D.
The prolific author and researcher of alternative futures and humanistic psychology explores America's mystical heritage, psi phenomena and intuitive knowledge.


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