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POTENTIALS: Envisioning the New Millennium

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POTENTIALS: Envisioning the New Millennium

General Ordering Information

The 4 volume set of the POTENTIALS video series is:

Tape One includes:

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard “An Evolutionary Perspective on the Future”: a series overview
  • Gene Roddenberry Star Trek, Technology & the Future
  • Brugh Joy, M.D. Consciousness: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Senator John Vasconcellos Politics for Growing Humans

Tape Two includes:

  • Timothy Leary Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension
  • Toni & John Lilly M.D. Consciousness Frontiers: Animal-Human-Spirit
  • Jerry Pournelle Ph.D. Space Exploration & Colonization
  • Alexandra & Robin Morton Communication with Mammals of the Sea

Tape Three includes:

  • Ray Bradbury The Artist as Visionary Creator
  • Marilyn Ferguson The Aquarian Conspiracy. Positive Trends Today
  • Rev. James Lawson The Human Spirit in the Beloved Community
  • Lt. Col. Jim Channon (ret.) War & Peace: Alternatives to Armageddon

Tape Four includes:

  • Norman Cousins The Power of Belief
  • Buckminster Fuller The World Can Work for Everyone PART 1
  • Buckminster Fuller PART 2
  • Willis Harman Ph.D. Rekindling the American Dream

The above prices are for individual and home use only.

Rentals: Rental of the POTENTIALS video tapes is not permitted at any time unless specifically authorized by Potentials Media in writing.

Retailers, Schools, Libraries, Businesses and others requiring public performance licenses

  • May purchase the set for only $195.00
  • Each individual video for only $49.95

Payment: We accept payment by money order, personal check, Visa & MasterCard.
Checks payable to Potentials Media. Please allow time for check clearance. U.S. Funds only.

Shipping: Please add $5 for the first video, & $1 for each additional video.
Shipping on the set is $8. International shipping inquire separately.

Sales Tax: California Residents add 8.25% Sales Tax.

Duplication in part or whole of any element of the POTENTIALS Series is a violation of U.S. and International copyright law. Violators will be prosecuted.
POTENTIALS (c) 1998 Potentials Media All rights reserved

No returns except for exchanges on defective tapes within 30 days of purchase.
Prices are subject to change.

Your agreement with the terms and conditions listed herein is a condition of this sale.

You may contact us at:

    Potentials Media
    PO Box 6235
    San Pedro, CA 90734-6235

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