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In this episode of “POTENTIALS . . . Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard ranges over a wide field of topics with the respected Los Angeles based minister. Lawson’s work with his friend Martin Luther King, and the concept of “the beloved community” are explored, revealing his faith in the power of the human spirit dwelling within all people. A leader within the African-American community, Lawson explores the inter-connectedness of all people, the renewal of democracy and why it is important to carry a positive expectancy of what the world can be. An inspiration!

LawsonJames M. Lawson Jr. was born in Union Town, Penn., on September 22, 1928, and grew up in Massillon, Ohio. Early in his life Rev. Lawson was speaking out against racial injustices. By age 20 Lawson was speaking out against the cold war and branded a communist by his hometown paper.

Rev. Lawson first met Martin Luther King in 1957, and they soon joined forces to realize their dream of starting a non-violent mass movement. That same year Rev. Lawson went to Nashville to teach the mechanics of nonviolence to budding civil rights activists. Rev. Lawson continued to work with King until his death but has never given up on their shared dream of racial harmony.

Rev. Lawson was the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for 14 years, the organization founded by King to end racial segregation by nonviolent protest. Currently Rev. Lawson is the pastor of Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.

Mailing Address:
Holman United Methodist Church
3320 W. Adams Street
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Phone: 213-731-7285

Contact: NAACP

For further information regarding the civil rights movement contact:
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference & The Martin Luther King Legacy Association
4182 South Western Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90062 Phone: 213-295-8582

“God has planted in human life infinite potential. That potential represents the energy of the universe. Present problems and turmoils can be resolved and human life can become more compassionate, just and nonviolent.” James M. Lawson Jr.

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