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Part I

In this episode of “POTENTIALS . . . Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard engages in conversation with the legendary architect, inventor and designer as they envision the design of a world which “works” for all the Earths people. Transforming “weaponry into livingry,” Bucky’s concept of Spaceship Earth and the need for people to demand that we “make this thing work” are some of the ideas covered in this wide ranging episode.

Part II

In this episode of “POTENTIALS . . . Envisioning the New Millennium,” host Barbara Marx Hubbard continues her conversation with Bucky as they go deeply into the nature of human evolution, celestial mechanics, God, the design of the Universe, and “taking the weapons systems down.” This episode is an intellectual tour de force.

BuckminsterIn 1927 Buckminster Fuller began an experiment to discover what an unknown, moneyless individual might be able to do effectively for all humanity that would be impossible to accomplish by great nations, great religions, or private enterprise no matter how rich or powerfully armed. As a pioneer in whole systems thinking and design Fuller referred to himself as a Comprehensive Anticipator: Design Scientist for “Spaceship Earth”. He devoted his life to developing solutions to global problems which did more with less based on the design principles of nature.

Among the results of this 56 year experiment were Synergetic Geometry, the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion Map, the Dymaxion Car, the Dymaxion House, and World Game. A prolific author of 20 books and thousands of articles, Fuller received 47 Honorary Doctorates and numerous awards including the Gold Medal form the American Institute of Architects and the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given by the government of the United States. Up until his death in 1983 at the age of 87, Fuller had presented lectures and workshops to millions of people around the world.

In 1984, shortly after Buckminster Fullers death, the Buckminster Fuller Institute was founded as a nonprofit organization in order to foster the ongoing development and application of the Design Science work Fuller initiated towards the success of “Spaceship Earth”.

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Bucky Works : Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today by J. Baldwin

Buckminster Fuller

Critical Path

R. Buckminster Fuller, Your Private Sky : Art Design Science

Buckminster Fuller (Pioneers in Change Series)

“Every time man makes a new experiment he always learns more. He cannot learn less.” Buckminster Fuller


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