Marta Houske
Matrix Communications

Marta Houske is an award winning director, producer, and writer. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In her two decades long career, she has produced, directed and written hundreds of projects, and won nearly two dozen awards for her work.

Houske's recent film "STITCH IN TIME" which stars Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols, has won 16 national and international awards, including the Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals. An article about the film is featured in a recent issue of KODAK's industry magazine "In Camera."

Houske produced the original POTENTIALS television series, and supervised the recent release of POTENTIALS as a home video series as well as the design of the POTENTIALS website.


Diana Orr
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Diana Orr, also an award winning multimedia artist, has brought together the very best staff to design and maintain your web site. She will work with you to determine your needs and get your company online in a very short time. Additional services include fine arts (drawing and painting), graphic design, multimedia presentations, video production, and consulting and teaching.

Diana can be reached at
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