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elite “Your web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your site contains quality content, skillful design, and HTML expertise.”
Brighton Lions Golden Lion Award
critical “A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful, original, graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.”

“Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits.”
mark “Congratulations! You have won the Mark of Excellence Website Award for your clean website design, informative content, and advanced HTML coding. You definitely deserve it.”

“I loved your site. The colors and graphics work well together, the content is interesting and informative, and your overall design and layout is professionally done. I've always wondered who Gene Roddenberry was, and now I know.”
“...a future worth living in is something for all of us not only to think about but to care about, and for which we are all responsible. Maybe that's why the Bon Ami pages reminded me of my childhood in the 50's, when things were oh, so simple. We hope you accept our "FANtastic!" Site Award as just one indication that you have reason to be proud of the work and time you have dedicated to your presence on the Internet.”
I am proud to award you the Dizzy loves this site award. Your site is very well presented and a great place to visit.”
“On December 3rd, 1998 this site was awarded Hot Site of the Week!”

“Congratulations. You have won the Crazyboy's Hot site of the week award in the Commercial Page category. It was a pleasure surfing through your site! The site was also very helpful and imformative!”

“Your site was selected to receive the CSdata WEB Award '99.”

“After we have received your Award application, your site have been
rewieved by two CSdata partners and they have come to the conclusion
that your site is a high quality page in both design and services and
that you therefore receive CSdata WEB Award '99.”
“YOU HAVE WON KJEM'S Most Treasured Site AWARD !!”

“On the basis of content, artistic originality and usefulness to the Internet community.”
S.C. Financial Quality Web Site Award

“You are a winner of the Nomination Members WS Award.”

“It was hard to get the award, there where many good sites among more than 1000 nominees per week.”
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