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“You have a real fine site: website design creativity, solidity of .html code, no broken links or images, aesthetically pleasing, use of original material, good use of color, and originality. Your site is very well presented and a great place to visit.”
hot “Your site has bee chosen a SuccessMall.com Marketing HOT SITE Award winner! Great combination of free resources and valuable marketing services... a wealth of information!”
StarSaber's Award
creativity “We like what we have seen, it's well done and easy to navigate. We give this award to people or companies who have a nice site -one that does not have lots of images copied from other pages.”

“Your page have to be easy to navigate and responsive (not slow). And the most important is that you have some good information in the site.”
Best of the Planet Awards
“I am pleased to inform you have been chosen for the Best of the Planet PEOPLE'S CHOICE Awards, November 1998.”
GAR award
“Due to the extremely high quality of your website, you have won the GAR Award. It is the decision of the GAR staff that your site does indeed stand above others in its graphic quality, site organization, and overall attractiveness. We gratefully appreciate the existence of such sites on the Net, and hope that through this award, the leaders will become more visible to the public.”

We are pleased to award you our Silver Sphere Award. Your site was informative, creatively presented and an asset to our internet community.”

cw “What an opening statement, that wonderfully created and awe inspiring graphic ... and then the site continues! You did a wonderful job creating that website. The graphics are great, the site loads easily, navigation is a breeze and the whole site is so inspiring. With the collection of skills and talents involved in your site and the video series, it appears to have been destined to be a site of distinction!”

“This award is given to women for composition, creativity and a positive spirit. I want you to know, that while it was your site that I came to explore, the award is given to you, the woman that brought it together. You did an excellent job of combining your talents and personality into a web site people would love to visit often.”
5 awards “I am proud to present to you the Take 5 award's for News & Information, for your excellent contribution in the development of the Net by providing useful information. Presented in a manner that's entertaining and educational.”
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