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Potentials has teamed up with Amazon.com to offer our readers great discounts on recommended books. All the books in Potentials are now available for ordering online through our friends at Amazon.com.

Potentials has a revenue-sharing relationship with Amazon.com and therefore receives a portion of the revenue from customers it directs to Amazon.com.

And, now here's a word from Amazon.com's CEO, Jeff Bezos:

Amazon.com is pleased to have Potentials in the family of Amazon.com associates. We've agreed to ship products and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on Potentials.

Amazon.com associates list selected books and products in an editorial context that helps you choose the right books. We encourage you to visit Potentials often to see what new products they've selected for you.

Thank you for shopping with an Amazon.com associate.


Jeff Bezos

P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at Amazon.com. If you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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